Map Display and Listing Website

Map Sample

Map display for listing website is a new trend.

Please go to this page to see the map listing.

Ideally, a listing website exists for the purpose of providing clear and accurate information to a prospect buyer or tenant in making decision.

However, there is the concern by many practitioner in the market that giving too much information to the prospect might end up not closing the deal – for they either become smarter (hence not easily persuaded) or they cut your position and directly go to the seller/landlord to seal the deal – losing of commission.

Despite, the global digitalization of real estate is heading to a borderless world where people are familiar with Google Maps. Therefore, a listing website with map will enhance the value of information for prospective clients. This is an inevitable trend in real estate business especially estate agency dealings. You can’t expect a buyer or tenant not knowing where-about of a property to come to a negotiation.

Incorporating a map had been a challenge to me. With minimum budget in doing this website publishing, some form of “Free Map” was the only way out. Luckily, I was able to get this map system for the website. Although it requires more steps, it is able to provide some indicator of where-about is the property.

Thank you and happy searching for your ideal property.

Thomas Sim
24 April, 2020
Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan

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