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Changes in MM2H Program in SARAWAK.

Malaysia has a special program for foreigners who like to stay in Malaysia for longer time. This is called the “Malaysia My 2nd Home” Program. In short – “MM2H” program – in Mandarin 马来西亚- 我的第二家园计划.


Usually, a visitor (tourist included) comes to Malaysia for a visit not more than 60 days. This is called “normal social visit”.

If a foreigner who wants to stay longer than this period of time, it is required to exit the country and re-enter with another 60 days social visit pass. With the MM2H SOCIAL VISIT PASS, it is like a permanent resident of the land without having to exit the check-point immigration. Further good news is that this “10 YEAR VISA” can be renewed!

Therefore, this means a foreigner can in fact, stay (own or rent a place) in Malaysia like another place of his home, irrespective of movement limits, for a very long period of time.

Indeed, below are benefits and potential activities the person can have in Malaysia:

  1. Own a property and relocate here (ie 2nd HOME). Or rent a place.
  2. Multi-lingual – most Cities use English, Mandarin (Chinese Language), Tamil and Malay Language.
  3. Multi-cultural with food varieties from Eastern to Western cuisine.
  4. Considerable safety with gated and guarded community living at affordable prices.
  5. Internet infrastructure are up to World Class fiber optics in major townships (100 mbps) and 4G network with some areas with special 5G network coverages.
  6. Escape from the other place(s) and have option in Malaysia (of better quality living).
  7. Good transport facilities in Capital City like Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Less populated places like Penang, Johor, Kuching & Kota Kinabalu – for easy life.
  9. Sea and beaches, rain-forest and mountain (highest in South East Asia) with many resort facilities.
  10. Start a new life in Malaysia (or retirement).
  11. Own a business in Malaysia (or branch office).
  12. Choice of traveling in and out of Malaysia and own country at any time (reduce risk exposure).
  13. Avoid catastrophic events (earthquake, volcano or flooding).
  14. Choice of avoiding pandemics (COVID-19).
  15. Choice of avoiding pollution (haze, bush-fire, natural disasters).
  16. Weather (equatorial climate – no winter – whole year round sun shines).
  17. World class healthcare (UK equivalent with doctors holding UK & Australian Qualifications).
  18. World class education (renown Universities having branches in Malaysia – Xiamen, Monash, Curtin, Reading, Nottingham, Heriot-Watt – link here)

Further information can be obtained from the Malaysia official website of Ministry of Tourism and Culture and link here.

THIS WEBSITE has specialist Estate Agency Practitioners who are stationed in various places in Malaysia.

  • Kuching – Thomas Sim, PEA2066 (+6012 – 8866 090), simyansun@gmail.com
  • Kota Kinabalu –
  • Johor Bahru
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Ipoh
  • Penang
  • East Coast Cities

Our references in various countries:

  • Japan – Annie Siew,
  • China –
  • Qatar

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